Why choose concrete?

Concrete is an extraordinary construction material, which allows you to realise many creative dreams in both the interior and exterior!

Concrete is an ideal material, which beautifully combines art, architecture and handicraft. It is something powerful, as there are not many materials which could embody both emotionality, practicality as well as expressiveness and aesthetics. What makes it even more exciting is that concrete has all these qualities at the same time.

Concrete is an excellent constructional material, which can be altered according to your expectations for the final results. It may represent both endurance and warmth as the structure of concrete has the majesty of stone. But it may also look like a polished sea stone or a worn out brick, it all depends on your wishes. Concrete can be shaped in almost any form as it is a material that can be furbished, polished, toned or joined and combined with other materials, if you wish to do so.

Due to its great adaptability, concrete can be used in nearly all rooms and areas at home. It can be used as a flooring material as processed with acid paint or other decorative elements, but concrete may also be used for example in the kitchen island – polished until it is as smooth as a mirror with a sink set into it just in the way you need.

In its essence, concrete is cheap, durable, fire-proof and can be combined with stone, glass, wood and metal, while it still preserves its original nature. Variability in usage is also enhanced by the fact that the form of concrete does not always have to be horizontal, but can also be vertical! The vertical dimension makes it possible to create straight or slanted concrete walls, the texture of which can be varied from robustness of stone to the smoothness of glass.

Concrete is our material because its durability and possibilities also have a sculptural dimension. Our team includes concrete specialists and thanks to our great practical experience we know the simplest ways of reaching the desired form and the ways to control different processes in a way that leads to a flawless end result!

We hope that concrete as an exciting material inspires more homeowners, interior designers, architects and construction specialists. We are glad to share our knowledge and experience regarding concrete!