We use high-quality molds made by Cretemolds®.

We provide the option of casting different bathroom sinks on the Cretemolds® molds. The sinks can be both countertop and sunk into the furniture.

The molds can be seen here –

You simply select the mold and provide us with a drawing on what kind of bathroom sink you would like – we will do the rest.

You will pay just the price of the mold (“Our Price”) and if you order casting for two or more molds, we will pay for the transportation of the molds. With one mold, a transport fee of approximately 40 EUR will be added.

No transport fees are added to molds we have in the storage.

It is possible to choose between grey/light grey, black and white shades (link art 6- Standard products and product models). The surfaces will be covered with a liquid-proof PU (food-safe) coating.

NB!!!!  The measurements on the Cretemolds® page are in inches  (imperial system),

Conversions into the metric system can be done here –